Thursday, October 10, 2013

2013 College Football Modeling: Week 7 Viewing Guide

  • Ducks ducks ducks. It's been way too long since the Huskies have defeated the ducks. This is the year! Wife and I will be at the game. I feel a few more Washington-Oregon bullets coming
    • History of the Washington-Oregon rivalry in a single image
    • Math confirms UW is more AWESOME
    • That chart is generous for the ducks. I gave them credit for a Rose Bowl win for winning the 1917 Tournament East-West Football Game. And I didn't include the 1960 disputed national title for UW. 
    • Betting lines opened with UW as a 14 point underdog but my model only has them as an 8 point underdog. I even took out my special Husky-homer-bias-adjustment!
    • I'm nervous. This could be a signature win, it could be another 24 point embarassment.
  • WSU-OSU rates out as almost exactly 50/50. I'm excited for that game, I think it will reveal a lot about both teams
  • I'm trying out a new format for the Watchability chart. It's sorted by time then by Watchability. I like it better. It makes it easy to say "Hmm, it's 10am. I wonder what the best game is right now?" I'm curious what other people think.
  • As always
    • Watchability measures how good the teams are and how likely the game is to be close (Way more detail on what Watchability here)
    • The more green a team is shaded, the better its chance to win; the more red, the worse
    • Ranking (when listed) is this week's AP ranking
    • All times Pacific
  • Share and enjoy!

  • If you just. can't. stand. the new format I did put up the old format here

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