Thursday, October 17, 2013

2013 College Football Modeling: Week 8 Viewing Guide

  • Apparently the ducks will have pink helmets this week?
  • Big game for the Huskies. Here's to Bishiop Sankey running for 250 yards against the porous ASU run defense
  • Fun looking week!
    • Average Watchability by game type:
    • We have 5 games this week > 68
    • Those games are spread out nicely through the day
    • Chart sorted by Watchability
  • As always
    • Watchability measures how good the teams are and how likely the game is to be close (Way more detail on what Watchability here)
    • The more green a team is shaded, the better its chance to win; the more red, the worse
    • Ranking (when listed) is this week's AP ranking
    • All times Pacific

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