Tuesday, September 23, 2014

College Football Expanded Team Dashboard

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As I used my College Football Team Dashboard, I often found myself wondering about things that weren't shown. The dashboard is a snapshot of a team's current state, I wanted to know where teams had been and where they were going.

So I built an Expanded Team Dashboard. It's meant to complement the original team dashboard and there's very little information that overlaps between the two.

It's too wide for me to do my traditional blue text & arrows, so bullets will have to suffice.

Rice is chosen as my example team to remind a certain good friend how terrible his college is at football. Go to the bottom of the page to see the Rice example.
  • Team Rating and Rank from Preseason to the current week
    • Rating is on top and in blue
    • Rating goes from 0 to 1. Think of it as the likelihood that Rice would beat an average college football team
    • Rank is on bottom and in orange
  • Rest of the Regular Season
    • This is a summary of what the model expects for Rice. It doesn't look great.
    • Expected total wins (and losses) is an average outcome for the season. When I simulate the rest of Rice's season over and over again, the average number of wins I get for Rice is 3.9.
    • Chances of winning (or losing) out is the chance Rice wins (or loses) all its remaining games
  • Strength of Schedule
    • Here's a a look at the average strength of Rice's opponents thus far (Games Played), and average strengths of Rice opponents for rest of the season (Games Remaining). 
    • Rice's opponents so far (Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Old Dominion) have an average rating of 0.611.
    • Rice's opponents the rest of the year look to be a cast of clowns
    • Rice's easiest and toughest remaining opponents are also highlighted
  • Most Likely Bowl Games
    •  It looks like Rice still has an outside shot at a bowl
    • For some teams, like those even worse than Rice, fewer than 5 bowls will populate. Those teams are either terrible or have specific bowl tie-ins like BYU
    • The bowl logic was among the hardest things to code. Please don't hesitate to point out anything you think is a flaw
Any other questions? Let me know. 

Check out the Rice dashboard below then head here to make one for your team.

I hope you find the new extended dashboard as interesting as I do!

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