Wednesday, November 19, 2014

College Football Math: Week 13

Do you watch college football solely for the national championship? If yes, you're doing it wrong. This week will break you of that. While plenty of teams with CFP aspirations are playing this week, they're mostly playing cupcakes like Indiana and Western Carolina. The top games look like fun to me but the have no relevance for the College Football Playoff. Just need to forget the CFP exists and enjoy football. 

Plus there's always the chance Boston College upsets FSU and we're spared the farce of FSU in the CFP.

  • Full Schedule is below
  • Watchability is a measure of how good the two teams are, and how close the game is likely to be

    • This post has way more detail on everything Watchability. Quick refresh:
      • Watchability is a combination measure of how good the two teams playing are and how likely the game is to be close
      • Teams are shaded by their chance to win, the greener the better

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