Friday, November 27, 2015

College Football Math: Week 13

Rivalry week :). Holidays have me slow moving and I'm writing this after my huskies have already shellacked the cougars, so no matter what happens tomorrow it'll be a good week for me. I've decided to stop the if they win / if they lose graphs for this week; we're in lose and you're out territory for everyone except Clemson and mayyybe Bama.

We've already played this week's #1 game (and it did not disappoint) but there's plenty of excitement on the slate for tomorrow.

On a sappier note, one of the many things I'm grateful is that I have the ability and the tools to do this model and write about it, and that I have readers who find it interesting. I'm not wrapping up the season or anything, I'll be making some bowl posts as well as some retrospective looks at the year (and then it'll be time for politics!), but I thought I'd pause on this week of thanksgiving and express gratitude for what has been another awesome year of college football.

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