Saturday, February 24, 2018


Historically, Curling hasn't really been the USA's best sport. The men won a bronze in 2006, but otherwise it's been bupkus. More recently, USA #Curling finished last in the 2010 olympics and next to last in 2014.

But then came 2018. On a magical night in Pyeongchang, four american heroes curled for gold, and cemented themselves in the hearts and minds of America forever.

After a 2-4 start, USA curling was a longshot (2%) to even make the playoffs, and and even longer shot (>200:1) to to win the gold. They needed 4 consecutive wins just to get to the gold medal game! They had to beat 1) 3 time reigning gold medalists Canada, 2) Switzerland, 3) Scotland (where curling was invented) and then 4) Canada again just to get to the gold medal match. Their second win over Canada, a second miracle on ice, came 38 years to the day after the first miracle on ice.

The gold medal match was a tense affair. The teams traded leads all game. But then this happened. Go USA! 

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