Tuesday, June 26, 2018

World Cup: Argentina vs. Nigeria & Croatia vs. Iceland

Now the fun begins. Sure, there was a little drama in groups A-C, especially at the end of the group B games, but this group is pretty wide open.

  • Croatia are in, the other 3 teams are fighting for the last spot
  • Nigeria are in if they win
  • Argentina and Iceland both need to win and hope that either a) the other team doesn't also win or b) they come out ahead on goal differential
Both games are highly meaningful, both games should be intense.

World cup!!!

Note: Pregame odds to advance on the chart may differ from those shown on the left hand side. This is because the left hand side is a simulation so may randomly fluctuate a tenth of a percent here or there.


  1. Seems like an obvious missing datapoint(s) of the current game(s) score. I appreciate your intending this to be used as a companion to viewership, but still