Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Brief update

Dashboards are updated through week 3. Sorry for the delay, I was in Vegas over the weekend! For everyone who check's Alabama's dashboard, I'm just going to link to this post on achivement rankings vs. predictive rankings right now.

I expect to have some week 4 data tomorrow evening. In the meantime, here's the dashboard for UTEP, who is apparently playing something called Incarnate Word in week 4.


  1. Wondering how you did in Vegas? I looked at Week 3 data and it appears your model was 86% correct. If true, you should have cleaned up in Las Vegas

  2. Thanks, I didn't do too well. Lost a bunch of close games! yes the model got 86% of games but apparently I didn't bet on those games :-p. I also bet on teams that my model has as underdogs, but the Vegas lines had as bigger underdogs. So my model got those games "right" (the modeled favorite won) but I still lost my bet. You can read more in my week 4 post.