Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2013 College Football Modeling: Study break / math art

My next actuarial exam is coming up soon and many evenings I'm at the office late studying. I put this together during one of my study breaks.

We're looking at win probability (usual green/yellow/red shading) for every FBS team theoretically matched up against every other FBS team on a neutral site. Each team has a row. Bama's row is mostly green (Bama would be a strong favorite against most teams), UNLV's row is mostly red. 

I stripped out the numbers; it's more fun (for me anyway) to enjoy just the colors. If you click on it it'll blow up to full screen. If you right click then select "Open image in new tab" it'll open up full size roughly 2600x2600 pixels)

It's not meant to provide in depth analytic insight so much as just be fun to look at.

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