Monday, November 4, 2013

2013 CFB Modeling: Week 10 Game by Game Predictor

I appreciate everyone's patience in my taking the week off to focus on getting that last exam push in. I felt like the exam went alright, fingers crossed I passed (pass rate is only ~50%).

The model has had a grim view of Miami all season, rating them only as high as #21 and dropping them to #32 after those nonsense performances vs. UNC and Wake. The idea that they were ever a #7 team was reeeediculous. Anyway, I expect after they drop 2 of the next 4 the AP voters will come to agree with my model's assessment. 
  •  Predictor has been updated with current data.
  • As per usual:
    • Type any FBS team into the box and the table will populate with 
      • Games
      • Past outcomes 
      • Future win probabilities 
      • Team's ranking each week (according to the model) 
      • Scenario analysis
      • Graph of expected total regular season wins
Please let me know if you have any questions or find any scheduling/outcomes errors.

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