Monday, November 7, 2016

Election Eve Update 3: Vote for Clinton Tomorrow

I haven't been shy in sharing my contempt for Trump this year, but in general I try to stick to my wheelhouse: data and analytics. However, on the eve of Election Day, I feel compelled to write about why Clinton deserves your vote.

Roughly 9 billion words have already been written on why you should vote both for Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump. My favorites are the New York Times endorsement of Clinton, their anti-endorsement of Trump, and this Vox anti-endorsement of Trump.

But this election is too historic, important, and horrifying for me to not at least share a little of why I'm feeling good about voting both for Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump; I'll keep it short. This isn't a policy discussion; it's a discussion about character, because that's what this election has become about. It's what's important to us as Americans, and what it means to be an American.

For Hillary Clinton

When I watch Hillary Clinton, I'm in awe. No matter the issue, she can discuss it. I've watched her be asked questions on every possible policy, and she always has an answer that shows thoughtfulness, preparation, and empathy. Hillary Clinton has spent 30 years in and around Washington, grinding it out, trying to help people. She doesn't necessarily score touchdowns or make flashy plays, but she's in the trenches blocking and tackling, then obsessively studying game film so next time out she can be just a little better.

She's calm, prepared, brilliant, and serious. She's the leader I want.

Against Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the worst major party nominee in this country's history. By a lot. The following is a list of things that are a) off the top of my head, b) true about Donald Trump and c) would each be disqualifying for the presidency.

  1. He bragged about committing sexual assault, and in response many women came forward to say he'd actually sexually assaulted them
  2. He has encouraged proliferation of nuclear weapons, and didn't know what the nuclear triad was
  3. He proposed banning Muslims (including Americans) from entering the USA
  4. He lies, literally all the time, about everything
  5. He's already whining about how if he loses, the election will have been rigged
  6. He's indicated he might not concede if he loses
  7. He launches hideous and false attacks at private citizens who say mean things about him
  8. He wants to "open up libel laws" to allow politicians to sue journalists who write mean things about him
Imagine every presidential nominee as an NFL player. Some are stand-out stars (Obama), some barely get on the field (GWB), but all are elite. All NFL players are among the best in the world at football.

If nominees are NFL players, Donald Trump is the guy watching games on his couch.

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