Monday, October 23, 2017

College Football Week 9

Lots of great games this week. Dashboards updated, schedule below.

  • Penn State @ Ohio State  
    • Huge CFP implications. A win by Penn State would put them in excellent shape. After this week their only semi-tough game is a road trip to Michigan State, so a win by Penn State tomorrow puts them in the driver's seat in the B1G and the CFP. On the other hand, Ohio State would jump right back into contention with a win. 
  • OkState @ WVU 
    • OkState needs a win to stay in serious CFP contention
  • NC State @ Notre Dame
    • Both NC State (what??) and Notre Dame need a win to have a shot at the CFP. Just pause and imagine the world where NC State beats Notre Dame then Clemson
  • TCU @ Iowa State
    • As one of the undefeateds, TCU has wiggle room should they lose. But with games the following weeks against Texas and OU, TCU really wants to keep their wiggle room
    • Iowa State won't be playing in the CFP, but good on them for having a good year!
  • Georgia Tech @ Clemson
    • Clemson is also in win or say bye to the CFP mode
  • Florida @ Georgia
    • Georgia's modeled chance to make the CFP exceeds their modeled chance to win the SEC. So there's some chance we get two SEC teams. That makes sense, but it's interesting nonetheles that Georgia is more likely to make the CFP than win their conference. Thanks Bama

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