Wednesday, June 27, 2018

World Cup: Brazil vs. Serbia & Switzerland vs. Costa Rica

Has everyone taken a few deep breaths after the crazy Group F games? Good. It's time for two more in a group that has been very balanced if you don't count Costa Rica.

Each of Brazil, Switzerland, and Serbia can advance with a win. Brazil can also advance with a draw (vs. Serbia). Any other scenario and we start to get into messy tiebreakers, but once again no worries; I've got them all coded up.

As a refresher, here are the tiebreaking procedures:

  1. Goal differential in the group
  2. Goals for (aka goals scored) in the group
  3. Points in matches between the tied teams
  4. Goal differential in matches between the tied teams
  5. Goals for in matches between the tied teams
  6. Fewest disciplinary points (i.e. who's had fewer red/yellow cards)
  7. Coin flip

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