Tuesday, October 22, 2019

College Football Week 9

Vegas Baby! Vegas!

I'll be in Vegas this weekend, betting on my model, playing poker, and sweating all my bets. I'm feeling pretty excited about the slate of games on for my trip, Wisconsin's recent downfall notwithstanding. Ohio State - Wisconsin even fell off the top 10 games, dropping to a Watchability score of 56. Even though Ohio State are two TD favorites, and could run away with the game, it obviously would be a huge shake-up if Wisky were to pull off the upset.

As an aside last trip to Vegas I made a large bet on Ohio State -400 to beat Maryland(!!!) and had to sweat it allll the way to the end, when Maryland missed a 2point conversion in OT. Model likes a bet on Ohio State this game too, we'll see if I take the plunge again.

Lots of other fun to be had this week, LSU gets another real test, as do Notre Dame and Penn State, and I get a test to see how well I remember 20/40 holdem.

Game times can and will change during the week, I usually re-check toward the end of the week and update, but double check times for yourself.

Enjoy the week!

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