2019 Team Dashboards

On this page you can create a dashboard for any FBS team, very very easily.
  1. Click on the grey box
  2. Type the team of your choice (no need to hit delete first)
  3. Hit Enter 
  4. Share and enjoy!
Some notes about the dashboard:
  • If you haven't seen the annotated dashboard go check that out. It walks you through each section and what that section means
  • Names are reasonably flexible, it works if you type  Cal OR California
  • Model rating is measured from 0 to 1, with 1 being a theoretical perfect team (no, Alabama, not quite you). 
  • The rating can be interpreted in a few ways. 
    • The model will always have a team favored over a team with a lower rating. 
    • A team with a rating of 1.000 would win all games, and a team with a 0.000 rating would lose all games. 
    • Finally, a team's rating is its chance of beating a 0.500 rated team. A team with a 0.900 rating would have a 90% chance of beating a 0.500 rated team.


  1. Just an FYI that dashboards don't seem to be updating as they usually do. I tried on all of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. The South Alabama placeholder at the moment populates fine, but entering new teams doesn't switch the data.

  2. Oh, and thank you very for your work on this site. It's a great resource.

  3. Hmm. Try now, it worked for me just now. Sometimes it does hang and not update for teams, but it's working fine for me at the moment. And thanks!

  4. Just checked back in; looks like it's functioning well again. Thanks again.