Wednesday, October 30, 2019

College Football Week 10

Quite a precipitous fall for OU after their shocker to K-state. I was looking at their dashboard, and the loss really did drop their CFP chances - to around 5%. That felt low to me, but it makes sense looking at the rest of their schedule. They don't have a single gimme game left, and in fact I think it's more likely they have at least one loss than run the table.

Before K-state, they might have had wiggle room to absorb a loss, now they don't. Then even if they do win out, they have to argue they are more deserving than 1-loss Bama / LSU.

It was an amazing game, against K-State though.

Looking ahead, it's a pivotal week for the Pac-12 South, the two contenders (Utah, USC) have two strong opponents (Washington, Oregon) so fortunes could swing quite a bit. In SEC we've got Georgia vs. Florida, and every SMU game is much watch at this point!

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