Friday, November 8, 2019

College Football Week 11

The battles of the 8-0 teams is here.

This week we get to watch Minnesota vs. Penn State, then jump right into LSU- Bama. All 4 teams are 8-0 and right in the hunt for the national title.

It's worth pausing to discuss why neither has the top Watchability score. The short explanation is that Watchability doesn't factor in CFP / Bowl / Conf Title Leverage. All it does is look at how good the two teams are, and how close the game is likely to be. 

In the case of this week, I've got Bama and Penn State both around 80% to win their games. Which means we could see some very exciting games, but we also might see a 17 point snoozer. I realize it's a bit unusual to not have those games at the top, and I considered adding in some kind of leverage calculation, but ultimately only one team can win the Natty, and college football wouldn't be fun if that were all that mattered. So I will continue to let Watchability be ignorant of playoff context, and let the GOTW data on the RHS speak to CFP / Bowl / Conference Title Leverage.

Happy Football.

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