Monday, September 30, 2013

2013 College Football Modeling: Week 5 Game by Game Odds

  • Model is updated with this week's game outcomes
  • Stanford's drubbing of WSU cost me $10. Pullman - this is why you can't have nice things
  • The UW-Arizona game was the rainiest game I've ever been to. Go Huskies :)
  • I've expanded the report with two new items:
    • On the right, your selected team's rank at the start of each week (according to my model). The rankings are at the start of the week, so week 1 shows the preseason ranking, week 6 (games to be played this upcoming saturday) shows the current ranking
    • The graph at bottom shows each possible win total and how likely it is for your chosen team. For example, Washington has a 13% of getting exactly 10 regular season wins. 

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