Monday, October 14, 2013

2013 College Football Modeling: Week 7 Game by Game Predictor

  • Rough game for UW. Marcus Mariota and the Oregon offense are on another level.
  • Wow WSU. They were holding their own against Oregon State until they turned the ball over 4 times in the fourth quarter. That has to be some kind of record - anyone?
  • Model is updated with current data, no significant additions this week.
  • I've got an actuarial exam on 10/30 and it's crunch time. I plan up updating/posting the odds tool & Watchability chart each week, but that'll be about it.
  • I've been developing way to calculate Game Score - a measure of how impressive a team's performance in any game is. Game Score based on how much the team won (or lost) by and how good its opponent was. It's working really well so far and I'm pretty excited about it. 
  • Look for more on Game Score after the exam, but know that Oregon's win over UW rates as the highest (most impressive) performance in college football this year
  • As per usual:
    • Type any FBS team into the box and the table will populate with 
      • Games
      • Past outcomes 
      • Future win probabilities 
      • Team's ranking each week (according to the model) 
      • Scenario analysis
      • Graph of expected total regular season wins

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