Friday, October 31, 2014

College Football Math: Week 10

I was not able to get the dashboards updated this week. Exams are all encompassing! But I was able to (finally!) get a Watchability Index together. I had to get a Watchability Index together.

Below I made a graph of every college football game played this year (plus the ones for this week) and Watchability for each game. Do you see what's at the very top? I zoomed in on the right so you could see.

This week's match-up between Auburn and Ole Miss will have the highest Watchability Index of any game played this year. They're two of the top teams in the country, and the model gives just a very slight edge to Ole Miss. Here's to that game living up to it's crazy expectations!

Top games and the full schedule below. And Dashboards will be back after this weekend, I'm working some new stuff based on the CFP committee rankings that should be awesome!

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