Tuesday, October 6, 2015

College Football Math: Expanded Dashboards

Believe it or not, it's getting to be that time of year. The initial excitement of FOOTBALL is starting to fade, and we're turning our eyes toward the rest of the year. We start thinking about how the season has been going thus far, and where it might be going. The Team Dashboard answers some of those questions, but it certainly doesn't answer them all. The Team Dashboard page is updated through week 5 by the way.

Enter the Expanded Dashboard. 

I'm not going to use UW as an example; the Cal loss was just too depressing. Let's use Utah. Utah's been off to a great start. On the left I have their rank and rating, week by week. They've just gone up, up, up.

On the right I have some data about the rest of the regular season, and what their post-season prospects look like. I wrote a slightly more expanded Expanded Dashboard explainer last year - feel free to check that out, or reach out if you have questions.

Reading this I learn that Utah has more than a 15% chance to make the CFP Semifinal. Who'd have thought?

 Go to the live dashboard page and make your own.

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